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Taxi Service 24 Zanzibar taxi, which has been operating since 2001 in all areas of Zanzibar, is the island’s first local taxi-to call to, arranging taxis to pick up guests all around the Zanzibar island 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve also learned how to provide excellent customer service and we provide great Zanzibar tours to visitors in the island. Our web platform is devoted to guests from all over the world, providing them with a safe and suitable mode of transfers that is easy to book and pay for. Appreciation to our fantastic, courteous, and dedicated drivers, we are able to establish great reputation on TripAdvisor. we think every transfer should be planned and briefed. We know who we have to send you based on your unique demands, and we won’t just send a random driver to your pick-up spot. Trips are scheduled in advance at Taxi Service 24 Zanzibar taxi to ensure a high degree of service. The driver’s information is supplied to customers before the transfer. To summarize, we are the only ones in 24 Zanzibar taxi that provide excellent service at a fair price .

We know exactly who we’ll send to our customers ahead of time. We believe every trip requires planning and preparation, no matter how short or long. We will thoroughly brief your driver, depending on your transfer requirements. Once this is completed, we will email or WhatsApp you the driver’s contact information before the transfer for your convenience. Thank you to our drivers and planning team for working day and night tirelessly to ensure our success and high client satisfaction. If you prefer to speak with someone at 24 Zanzibar Taxi Service, you may contact us via WhatsApp or phone number. Alternatively, you can send us an email, responding immediately. 

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