Zanzibar home Cat Cafe

Our care for of cats goes way back.  we grew up with cats.  We lived out in the countryside, and our house was always packed with them.  Our family somehow blessed with some really long-lived cats.  One of my cats, Miriam, lived to be 15, and his mom, Sanur, lived to be almost that old.  They were like family members.  They taught us  dependability and patience; we were excited, after going almost a decade without a cat, to adopt Powwow and Rodney the black cat which has just been taken by our sibling for adoption and have the chance to share that experience with our little kids.

Our first experience with cat cafés started Nov 2021 after discussion with family thinking Zanzibar is  lacking a cat café! We have small one at home to accommodate only six clients.

Welcome in our home cat Café!  book now

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