Unique Zanzibar

Zanzibar culture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Zanzibar's Swahili culture is the effect of a combination of African, Asian and European influences meeting here. Historically Zanzibar was an important endorsement  place for explorers and traders, and a key trading centre for spices and a centre for the slave trade. While Zanzibar is over 90% Muslim (mainly Sunni but including many minorities as well), there are also different Christian sects, Hindu and other, smaller religions represented on the island. This cultural hotpot is known for it's gorgeous beaches, spice farms and it's Arabic influenced historical city, Stone Town.  

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The coast of Tanzania offers travelers the uncontrolled pleasures of white sandy beaches, fusion of culture and history. The heart of Zanzibar is Stone Town, with its complex alleys and bustling bazaars, insightful of its rich Cosmo-cultural history. Persians, Portuguese, Arabs, , Germans, British, Indians and Africans have all left their mark here. Zanzibar has the well-known historical distinction of being the centre of the slave trade in East Africa; your guide can explain some of this compelling history to you. Out of town, you can visit sparkling beaches, spice plantations, or perhaps one of the island's unique animal sanctuaries